You enter at your own risk

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You want to read this tonight, okay but then it is time to go to bed. You enter the garden at your own risk so be careful. Oh and be careful to make sure you don’t get eaten by the plants. They can gobble you up in one bite so be careful. Oh, and also be careful of all the leaf piles there are holes under them. By the way, if you fall in one of the holes you will never get out because there is quicksand under it. Also do not come to me and say like that is really scary because what I will say is I told you so. I warned you to be careful so just saying I would never go in there again. Fine I will never go to the garden again. Before you go what happened in the garden. Well, one of the huge plants tried to eat me. I fell into a rabbit hole. Well, that is not as bad as what happened to me. I almost got stuck in quicksand almost got eaten by the big plants. But I warned you and I told you to be so careful. Well, I kind of thought you were joking about all that stuff. Next time you think I am joking leave and never come back ever again because when I am telling you something it golden words. I meant all that stuff and tomorrow you have to feed the plants and their food is in the closet. If you see dog food that is what you want that is what they eat. Give all of them twenty scoops they will eat it in two seconds so be careful. Why do I have to feed the plants? Well, you thought I was joking about everything, and when people do that they get to feed the plants. Oh, and I know you thought the plants are pretty but be sure not to go by the pretty pink plant it is deadly. People say it looks pretty but I know it isn’t so be aware. What does the pink plant do said the little girl? Oh, it bites your head off then poisons you then eats you. Well, that is a lot said the girl. I promise I will not go by the pink plant. I would not make a promise you can not keep little girl. I know I can keep this promise. Also if you see mold somewhere stay away it will put a curse on you if you go by it. Did you find all these plants in the forest and bring them here said the little girl. Well no okay this is enough for tonight go to bed now.


  • Hope you like this I am not finished and I will prob keep adding to it but right now it is just this so enjoy

    • Sure!! I love it!

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