corn vs. the haters

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by : Izek
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Boys win Candy Corn will always wins okay candy corn vs. the haters candy corn Whoever has done this instead they can’t candy Corner trailers of fortnite I don’t know I don’t know how I’m going to win the war or is it going to be the haters and they are humans I am on the Candy Corn side you pick what side you on pick Woodside pick one side. But if you take the hater side you’re going to guess the Candy Corn sides you’re going to be suffering Nikki I don’t know if you’re going to suffer but in the Candy Corn War we’re all going to attack you one of a time you cannot destroy us when you just when you crack us the pieces more of Us come to eat you more after more after more it’s never end when you’re the only way to get rid of us is by eating a Stephanie I’m going to get you to wake but good luck have fun with the war he he he he he ha ha he ha he he he he he he he he he he he ha ha ha ha ha ha. 






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