A Covid Halloween

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This year, Halloween is going to be different at my house.

My city has more active cases of the virus right now than at any other time so far this year, which is really disappointing because I wanted to go trick or treating with friends.

My older brother had a lot of lung problems as a baby and they have affected him his whole life and so we are working hard to make sure we stay healthy so he doesn’t get the virus, so we will not be going out this year.

My parents bought a lot of halloween candy. My mom found a recipe and we’re going to try to make candied apples and also caramel apples. I’m most excited to try the candied ones, I have seen them in stores and at fairs but I haven’t ever eaten one. We are also making fudge to eat and some to share with neighbors.

We entered a digital halloween costume contest. Even my dog entered. We are going to also make “spooky pizzas” (I am going to make spiders with black olives) and watch halloween movies like Coco, Nightmare Before Christmas, Halloweentown and maybe something scarier.

If trick or treaters come, they will still get candy.

What are you going to do?

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  • This is really cool, Molly. It sounds like your family is making a lot of big plans. My mom actually had a baby today!!! So, we won’t be doing anything too crazy. She will be staying at the hospital with the new baby and my grandparents will hang out with us. I think they’ll probably order pizza (which we always like so that’s good) and we’ll just eat Halloween candy that my parents bought at the store. We live in an apartment and never have trick or treaters, anyway. My two little sisters are dressing up – one like Olaf and one like a mermaid, and I have a costume but I don’t know if I’ll wear it.

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