A Day In A :Life Of A Ghost

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Hello peeps. Hows everything going in your life? Mine oh you want to know what I do in a day? Well you came to the right place. Lets start of by the morning well I will usually do is I will just go outside and just look at nature. Then I will just look at myself in the mirror, oh are you us wondering do I have my own house. Of course I do why not. I forgot to tell you my name. My name is Hollow. Where do I live well you know ghosts will live in a haunted houses right so I live in a ”Haunted House.” That’s what people say its called. They say it has haunted things that happen. Well anyways lets go back to my life but if you want to learn about my house and every room by detail to detail go check the story called ”The Spooky House.” So then I walk around outside in my scary frontyard. There’s a FAKE clown and a spider web. They are actually nice if you visited them. I then go to the city that is about 15 minutes from  my house. I then go to the shop and steal snacks. Well you know they can”t see me. So why not just sneak up and get some. After that I will go to the park. I usually love the swings. But people can”t see me so when I go on the swings they think its a haunted park. All I want is friends. Well I do have ghost friends but not real people friends. Why does it happen in movies. Ghosts make friends with humans. Anyways then I go back home and check out my gravestone where I died. Then I go back inside the house and get ready to go to bed. So that’s what I really do in my life. Thank you guys for listen to my day in a Life bye.

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