A day of being small

        One day me and my friends Iris and Jocelyn where in class. Our class is a big room with a lot of posters that say things like you can do it on them. There is a big window of the right wall the door was on the same wall, along with it there is a small library. In the middle of the room is where all the desks are . We all sat down then our teacher just got out a shrink ray and got us all. My friend Jocelyn is a bit taller then me she is wearing  her hair up , a striped shirt and some sweatpants. My other friend Iris has her hair down with a white t-shirt and jeans . Me and Jocelyn where sitting next to each other when it happened our other friend iris was a desk away tho lucky I put my robin I use to tie my hair up on the table.

        I said, ”Look Its’s my robin we can use that to clime down.”

        ”Cool let’s go and get Iris.” said Jocelyn.

When we got down we told Iris to do what we did. We all had matching ones so iris used hers to get down.The teacher left the class but forgot to take the shrink ray with her.

”HEY LOOK!!” I shouted.

Iris and Jocelyn looked right at where i was ponting.

I said, ”We can go towards the desk since our teacher left it here.”

”Yah I think that’s a good idea!” exlambed Iris.

We started to walk there on the way there we bumped into a backpack it was open we went in there was all the normal things u could expect like books , pens , and pencils but then we saw some food we all where hungry so we ate some since we were so small we only ate two chips. After that we came out of the backpack we saw something that looked like rise but we went closer it and it was fly eggs.

”EWWWWWW!!!” Shouted Iris.

Me and Jocelyn just looked at each other like realy. Jocelyn just kept walking so I did to Iris just ran after us. It was just a long walk nothing unusual other then the dust mites that were following us and then that’s when remembered that the dust mites eat human skin I quickly shouted telling them what to do.


We all started to run for our lives Jocelyn and I ran together but Iris ran the opposite side to us soon enough the dust mites stopped chasing us but Iris was missing.

”IRIS! WHERE ARE YOU?” Jocelyn and I shouted a few times.

(Iris prospective)  ”Guys!!” shouted Iris.

”WHERE ARE YOU GUYS!” shouted Iris.

She ran a bit more and till she bumped into a desk. She was at the teachers desk. she walked around to see if the others where close. (Back at the others prospective) They were just walking to see if the can spot Iris till they heard something it was Iris.

”IRIS!?” I shouted.

”GUYS!!” she shouted back and ran towards us.

She ran towards us and hugged us. We all walked up to the giant desk and looked at eachother like how are going to get up. Then I saw a paperclip on the ground I ran to it and told Iris and Jocelyn to help shape it into something that looks like a grafilinghuk. After all that we attach it to a string that was hanging down from the chair.

”Hey Jocelyn can you trow it on to the chair please?” I said.

”Sure,” said Jocelyn.

Jocelyn toasted the string attached to the paperclip on the chair and we climbed it up. Then we tried to pull the paperclip part of it out because it was stuck in the chair we got it out but we almost fell of the chair.

”Be careful,” said Jocelyn.

We all got up and Jocelyn toasted the string part of it trying to get it stuck on a item on the desk so it wouldn’t fall of the desk when we start to clime it. It seamed like i got stuck on something but we wanted to be careful so we went one at a time. When we got up on the desk.

”WOW!” said Iris

”I know it’s really big. Oh look there a button .” I said.

”Oh ya there is a button!” said Jocelyn.

”Maybe if we point it at someone and press the button we will grow again.” said Iris

”Ya probably” said Jocelyn.

”So who are we picking?” I said.

”I think Jocelyn.” said Iris.

”Ok.” Jocelyn and I said

We pointed the schrenk ray at Jocelyn who is siting on the chair we put it grow mode and pressed the button.

”YAY!” we all shouted.

”Your big again!” I said.

”Now do me!” I said.

Jocelyn put us both on the chair and pressed the button.

”YAY!! Were all big again!” I said.

“Ya, thank you Jocelyn but now we need to turn the class back.” said Iris.

“Ok.” said Jocelyn.

We turned the class back to normal and everyone went back home because it was already the end of the school day.

                                                                                                                                        ~The End~

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