The Shrunken Class

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by : Alan
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It was a tuesday morning we had just got to 4th period and the class started to mess around.  Mrs.Farrell the teacher told us to sit down she told us what do we think of her new shirt it was yellow and she was also wearing jeans.  The class kept messing around so she told the class we need to stop or we will get detention nobody listened.  I could tell the teacher was really stressed out but the class didn’t care they just kept screaming and running around.  Then all of a sudden Mrs.Ferrell just pulls out a little device that is a shrink raw she made.  So I see she points it at the class I saw her point it at the class.

And I scream, ’’LOOK OUT.’’

We all got shrunken and since everyone was all over the place everyone was alone. So after a long time I found my friend Enrique his clothes were a little dirty i’m guessing he fell in dust when he got shrunken he was looking for the other students to.  So me and Enrique climbed a water bottle on the floor and noticed the teacher had left for the day.

After a while me and Enrique decide to start screaming.’’Anyone There they Hello’’ They scream.

No one answered then all of a sudden they hear a kid. They look to see who it was it was Zack Puente he was a new student who had just come from Coalinga.

He said, ’’What happened I just blinked and Boom! I’m small.’’

Then I said, ’’The teacher shrinked us with her shrink ray and left for the day.’’

Then Enrique said, ’’SO IT WAS THE TEACHER!’’

Then Enrique and Zack kept on saying how they were going to sue the teacher. If we do go back to normal and press charges. Then all of a sudden we hear like nibbling then we come to find out it was. Colonies and colonies of bugs the one that we knew were dust mights he had learned about those. With Mrs.Ferrell and we know that they love human skin so we were all scared. We get little pieces of wood that I think are splinters and the bug started to run at us. There was a big fight in between us and the dust mights. We were killing the majority and all of the bugs and all of a sudden, we hear Zack scream we run to see and and a dust might had bitten him. Luckily Enrique knew a little bit on how to heal the wound because his uncle was a doctor. So Enrique just packed it up with this piece of rag that he found.


We kept walking towards Mrs.Farrell’s desk then after like 2 hours of walking we made it to Mrs.Farrell’s desk. We somehow climbed it and we made it the little desk compartment where we think the. Shrink ray is at we think she thought we weren’t going to climb her desk because it was opened. Me and Enrique pointed the shrink ray at Zack and unshrunk him. Then after we unshrunk him he unshrunk me and Enrique then we pointed the shrink ray at the ground and unshrunk the whole class and.

I said, ”Go walking home” to the class

So me Zack and Enrique were the only ones in the class and we were hiding. Hours went by and then Mrs.Ferrell showed up.

Zack Scream, ”GET HER!”

Me Enrique and Zack come running at Mrs.Ferrell she was covering herself up. Trying to avoid us then she checked to see if the shrink raw was there. But it wasn’t I had it so after like 10 minutes of trying to get her I got the chance and shrinked her. Then we put her in a jar and took her to the police and we have never heard of her again.




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  • Awesome! Can you make a part 2!

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