The Shrunken Students

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One beautiful sunny morning, I woke up, showerd, got ready for school. When I got to school I went to my classroom sat down in my seat, and waited for other students. My class was near the restrooms, so it always smelled. Then, Alan{My friend} and I were talking before the class started.Alan has dark brown hair, he’s tall, and always where’s shorts no matter what the weather is. I was kinda sad because I never do good in school.

Alan asked ”Are you ok?”

I looked at him confused. Alan or any of my friends never ask if im ok. I guess I was showing my emotion to much. I answered ”No” Before Alan said another word Ashley came in the class and sat next to us.

”Hello” said Ashley.

”Hi” said Alan and I, the class started and we all were mad because today is a test day for Math Unit 2.

I was so scared I didn’t study, I knew I was not going to pass this test I was going to fail. Are teacher{Mrs.Gomez} were passing out or tests and said ”All of you have to finish this test before 10:00 PM NO TALKING AND NO CHEATING!”.

I panicked and looked at Alan’s paper and whispered to Alan ”I didn’t study can I look at your paper”.

”No” Alan said very loudly.

At that moment I knew we were in trouble. The teacher looked and yelled ” I SAID NO TALKING AND NO CHEATING.”

The teacher went to her desk and pulled out a Shrink Ray and said ” YOUR KIDS NEVER LISTEN”.

We all were scared and just listening to are teacher yell and did not stop until Ashley screamed ” I WANNA GET OUT OF HER……….”.

Before she could finish her sentence Mrs. Gomez shot her with the Shrink Ray. One by one every kid got shot with the Shrink Ray. She left me for last, she came up to me and said ” Next time listen to me”.

Then she shot me and left the classroom, we all we crying because we don’t know what to do and the teacher looked the door. Alan and I were trying to calm down the other classmates. After twenty-minutes the class calmed down a bit and we were thinking of a plan on what to do because were so tiny and really can’t do anything.

We heard the door open and it was Mrs.Gomez came in and said “If you wanna go back to normal you have to finish your test without cheating or talking”.

“Ok” I said,

She continued to give me my test and a small pen that I didn’t know she had. I finished my test in about 20 minutes and handed it in which was super hard. I already knew i was going to fail but I still did it.

After she got it she turned me back to normal with the Shrink Ray and started doing it to my classmates and let us out. After when school was done I tld my mom who told the principal and Mrs. Gomez got fired. The End



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