The Revenge

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One sunny morning on Friday, I woke up feeling really tired so I showered to feel less tired to go to school. Then I ate breakfast which was a egg sandwich with orange juice. When I walked to school I saw my friend{Alexa} was there walking in front of me  halfway there to school, we were in the same classroom too.

Alexa went to my house the day before and we did are homework and studied for our Science test. That same day my necklace went missing, I thought Alexa took it when I let her in my room. Never I figured that I was right and she did steal it.

So at school in the classroom I asked her ” Hey Alexa did you take my necklace on accident”.

“No I would never do that” said Alexa nervously.

“Are you sure, maybe on accident” I said.

” No I would never” Alexa said.

She looked very nervous I already knew it was here she was the only on at my house. She could not get out of this, she gave it away she looked scared.

I ask one more time ” Please tell the truth I won’t get mad, did you steal my necklace”.

“Ok I did im sorry it was so cute, I just wanted to were it for one day but I didn’t cause I knew you would get mad at me” said Alexa.

I could not believe she did this even tho I knew it was her. One, she stole my favorite necklace, and two she lied about it. She told me that I could trust her with everything. I was so mad but I did not show it.

“Oh ok it’s fine just give it to me tomorrow and next time ask” I said.

“Ok im sorry” said Alexa.

“Its fine” I said.

It was not fine. The next day I told her if I could go to her house to study but little did she know I was going to get revenge on her. She said yes and after school I went to her house to “Study”.

When I got there I asked “Can we study in your room”

“Yea sure” said Alexa.

We went to her room and I had a plan. I was going to ask her if she could get us some water so I can steal her favorite bracelet.

I asked “Can you get us some water”

“Yes of course” said Alexa

She went to the kitchen and I went to her little desk and took her bracelet that was thankfully right there on top of her desk. She came back with are waters and we studied and I went home early and went to sleep. Usually I go home pretty late.

When it was the next day for school Alexa asked me “Have you seen my bracelet that was in my room it’s not there no more”

I said “Oh what a shame, no I have not”

Alexa already knew it was me, alexa looked super mad and I said “Now you know how it feels”

“I said I was sorry” Alexa said.

“Ok let’s make a deal, you give me my necklace and ill give you your bracelet” I said.

“Ok fine” said Alexa.

We trading and we never spoke again because of what happened. The End.


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