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Hi, I am Mr.penguin I was elected president  by the peoples I was elected because I really don’t know why i just was I believe penguins will fly one  day and I will make it happen our fish catching days are over now we will catch air fresh air to my fellow penguin friends we beat joe biden trump wasn’t even close all 7 million I mean 7 billion penguins aren’t that smart. Wait a minute….how was I even elected this thing is riged. Wait a minute….how am i even talking idk i must be an experiment i’m just glad you chose me thank you.


I, Mr.penguin would like to thank all my fellow penguin friends and the peoples for voting me as your president.


Thank you



  • Haha this was funny good job!

    • I REALLY LIKED THAT!!!! *applause*. *applause*

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Post Privacy Published on November 10 | Creativity
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