Anime Lover Sub Or Dub? (Japanese or English.)

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Personally, I like to watch it in sub (Japanese) with subtitles on so I can read and understand what they are saying. I speak a little Japanese but not fluently, so there are words and sentences that I don’t know. But watching in sub means I can get better at speaking the language. I know it sounds weird but anime makes me learn a language I’ve wanted to learn for years now. And there’s also animes of your favorite genre, for example, horror, sports, heroes, and sad ones.

When I’m watching anime with family they don’t like that I watch it in sub so I have to turn it on dub which means the whole experience is not going to be as great cause there are really good scenes in the sub version and the dub version doesn’t bring out that special thing that anime lovers, love.

I love watching anime, so I watch it in sub. And when I have to watch it in dub it makes me kinda sad. Dub isn’t all that bad though there are really good voice actors so I still watch it and appreciate the work they put into to make this the way it is. But I just prefer to watch and listen to the sub version. It makes me happy and helps me learn more about a culture I love.


  • Anime is really great in sub

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