The Haunted Legend of Fearshelia

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The Legend began on a abnormal night in Seneca. The trees were rustling and there were constant howls every 5 minutes. Nobody knew why but the more it howled the closer IT sounded. There was a couple walking in the woods all alone for a camping trip. They had two flashlights, 5 water bottles and other essential camping stuff. They got to their camping site and started having fun. Dancing, telling stories over the campfire, singing songs and eating marsh mellows. Then they heard a strong howl in the moonlight. So the woman started being scared. The man was tryna comfort her but deep down he was more scared than her. He got on this camping trip to prove to his friends that Fearshelia didn’t exist. To him, it was just a ghost story. He heard from his friends that when someone’s at the campfire eating marsh mellows and singing songs that fearshelia scares them so she could eat on their fear, and THEN. THEIR. SOUL. He brought his gf along so if she was real at least there were two of them. He continued comforting the woman and remembered another thing from the story that his friends said.”The more you cry in fear of Fearshelia, the closer she gets.” That is when he said in a firm voice to his gf, “stop crying and be a man!” His heart starts pounding harder than it ever did. It felt like someone was hammering the truth nail right into his bones. He couldn’t take it anymore. The fear smacked him right in the face. They were both cowering in fear. The howl became so loud, that the man ran with his girlfriend and kept the flash lights to go to the car. Then they heard a child’s voice asking softly, “You wanna play hide and seek?~” Then the couple heard a ten second countdown.”Ten,” they ran faster.”Nine,” jumped over a tree branch.”Eight,” avoided hitting trees.”Seven,” tripped over a rock but caught their balance back.”Six,” flashlight went out.”Five,” ran even faster.”Four,” women is having a panic attack so the man hopped her on his back and continued.”THREE,” man starts hyperventilating.”TWO,” one inch away from the car.”ONE,” notices he left the car keys at the campsite. Fearshelia jumps out annnnnnnnnddddddddddd…

The man wakes up from the crazy nightmare.(P.s. He doesn’t have a girlfriend. He doesn’t even have friends. It was a nightmare he just had)

It was a BLUFF. hahaha. Comment on the story and i may make another ghost story with the names of those in the comments.

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  • Great story, I love it

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