The Tradition’s My Family

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by : Ajok
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The tradition’s I do on thanksgiving. First We go to 2 churches stay there for a total of 4 hours or 3. Then my cousins usually come after were done eating or when when where about to start We dress into some nice clothes and go to the graveyard for my grandma but we didn’t do that every year just this year because she died last year so  this is not a every year thing but we did this to every Holiday because she was also in a come for 3 years so we still go to see her. Next we sit Down it the chairs and wait for my mom to finish and preheat the food and put it on the table. After that we get out of our chairs push it in then pray for about 5-4 min long.Finnally you sit down and eat then get your dessert and drink then we normally go to my room after were done eating fall a sleep or watch a movie then we go to clean up the kitchen but only the people that are awake to then we go Christmas shopping a week or that day.

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