the penthouse

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I came home from school and mum and dad have already put out the Halloween decorations up for a fun and scary night. when I came in my mum was upset I found out that my baby brother had past away from scarlet fever, so mum and dad had know choice, she said In a week time we have to move. they told us that we are moving to somewhere called the penthouse. that meant I was going to be away from my friends, siblings and my boyfriend. I was worried, I do not know what my new house or school was going to be like. Then mum and dad told me the really bad news I was going to be put up for adoption so that is the hole reason I was moving. then the doorbell rang, for a second I forgot that it was Halloween so I opened the door than they yelled “trick or treat!” they yelled at the top of there lungs.

a week as passed and I was all packed up and ready to leave, so I sit there and wait for them to pick me up. than my mum came in with a married couple that looked like they have not showered for years there teeth were fluoro yellow and I think mould is on there gums. then I said “no I am not going with them.” “charlotte you have to go with them.” said her mum but Michelle and Bob started walking towards me. then Bob picked me up so I kicked and screamed but to the sound of it they might be deaf.

when we arrived at the house I was terrified by the look of it but they made me walk in, they showed me to my room so I slammed the door and I changed into my pyjamas and I climbed into my bed and fell asleep. I woke up by a loud thump so I moved my way to the door, I open it and then I shriek with pain I rush to my mirror and I see my self standing there with a deep cut on  my left cheek I could see the flesh coming out of it. I scream so I change into my every day cloths and I back my bag and I ran down the stairs and I open the front door there stood bob and Michelle. they whispered in a loud voice “why are you leaving so early” then they saw the deep cut on my left cheek the they just start laughing, I look at them and there I saw bob holding a knife that had blood dripping from it with a little bit of flesh.

I scream so I ran away from them but Michelle and bob grabbed hold of me, they threw me on the lounge than they went to the kitchen. then they came back holding something that looked like medicine they made me take it but ten minutes later I died. then I found myself as a goust and I realise this was wear I was meant to be.

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  • wow so good but some spelling mistakes

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