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 ” When I turned nine I went shopping because I had fifty dollars. We went to Target and I found the one and only BABY YODA! So let’s get to the facts .Baby Yoda’s eyes are not BLACK! The eyes are normally brown human eyes. They appear to be black because they are just pupils. He has been in his egg pod for fifty years! He is NOT a baby he is fifty years old so just call him Yoda or Grogu or the child. He has two feet and three toes on each foot. He has teeth. Who knows how many teeth? Do you know how many? Most of the time, Grogu eats frogs. Todd voss my dad`s dad has some questions is grogu bad or good he is good. does he ever get out of his pod well yes he does. 13 Baby Yoda tweets and memes from 'The Mandalorian' season 2 premiere -  Insider


  • Hi Sean! Your writing is fantastic! I want to own my very own Baby Yoda too! Those eyes!!

  • That was awesome writing.

  • Sean! This is amazing! I love all the details you included about Baby Yoda. I think you are a true expert! Great writing! Your writing was easy to follow and you stayed right on topic! You’re a Baby Yoda master!

  • I loved what you wrote about The Child. I did not know that his eyes are not black. Thanks for sharing that information. Does Grogu make sounds? How do you know how he’s feeling?

  • Hey Sean, you made my day today. I really enjoyed what you wrote about baby Yoda. I learned facts that I did not know. I now know more thanks to you. It was very helpful. When you have time please write more about baby Yoda or The Mandalorian. I do not know how many teeth Yoda has. You are the best Sean.

  • Nice job with the facts! You taught me something new.

  • Hi Sean! What awesome writing ❤️ . I am so happy that I was able to read it here. Love to see your work. Please write more!!!

  • Sean you did a great job of informing me about Grogu as I know little about him. Some interesting facts like he is 50 years old, lives in a pod, 3 toes. Like us humans but different as well .Do you know if he is a good being or bad? Does he come out of his pod? I I am curious? Interesting keep up the good work!

  • What a wonderful story! I loved the attention to detail when describing Grogu. I indeed thought that he had black eyes until I read your well researched paragraph! I will have to watch the series again with “fresh eyes”. You have a wonderful way with words, Sean. I look forward to reading your work in the future!

  • This is excellent! Grogu is amazing. Thanks for setting the record straight that he’s not a baby! The force is strong with you.

  • Awesome job Sean! I have learned so much just reading your article about Baby Yoda. You are so descriptive in your writing. Keep up the amazing work bud, you’re doing such an amazing job! I wish I knew how many teeth he has. He’s such a cute character. 😊

  • That was amazing Sean. You are so creative. And I love baby Yoda!!!

  • Great story Sean!!!! I love Grogu, but you are right, he is NOT a baby. I hope to see more stories from you, you write really well

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