the lake tale

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One day a man saw a flower on a tree and wanted to get it, but to get it he would have to go across a lake. The man didn’t have anything on him so he had to go home and get something. The man got home and he relized he didn’t have anything to get across the lake, but he did see that he had a umbrella. So he took it and went to the lake. When he got there he tried to balence on the umbrella. He fell a few time but he got up and tried again. People stared and they thought he was crazy, but he didn’t care. he wanted that flower so bad. After a little bit, the man balenced and he was heading for the flower on the tree. The flower was white and in the inside it was purple. The man looked down and saw the water was purple, with lighting bugs in it. people stared to take picures of the man, but he did not care. He wanted to get the flower. he got it and was got back to the sidewalk. He started walking home  when he thought he should give the flower to his daughter. He got home and was happy to see his daughter and was happy to give her the flower. he gave her the flower and she thought it was buitulful. She went and put it in the vase. The man was happy to see that he made someones day. The man wanted to get a flower for his friends and his family because he thought that it was nice and the flower were really pretty. He went back to the lake and got a flower for his friends and family. he went over to his friends house and gave him the flower. He thought it was really pretty. Everyone was happy and showed other family members. They showed them because that flower is over 100 years old and those were really rare flower.  when he was getting the flower a news reporter saw and wanted to put him on the news. The next day the man got on the news and he became famous. The news reporter ask why he gave each flower to everyone and he said he just thought that it was a nice thing to do. He got up the next day to see that a lot of people were standing at the windows and banging on the door. he open the door and saw people wanted to ask him questions and write in name on papers. e was very

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