My Bad Dream…

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The last dream I remember was…

One day i was going to school with my best friend and we both wanted some Starbucks so we went there.

When we were heading over there the sky turned yellow and it started raining.

Well then my mom decided we weren’t going to go into school that day.

So we went home after we got Starbucks.

When we got there i saw my dad hugging himself on the couch and i asked “What’s wrong?!”

and he said the most shocking thing…

He said “I ALMOST DIED!!”.

Me and my best friend said “WHAT HOW?!” 

He said in a whispering voice “There’s things in the bathroom..”

We asked “what things?”

We went to the bathroom..

and there were two fat old stumpy monsters with very sharp teeth!

Chubby | Villains Wiki | Fandom

I ran to my room. my friend followed.

we found hand sanitizer in my room and went into the bathroom 

I asked the monsters to be my friends and they both agreed.

so I told them that hand sanitizer was very good for your health and they believed me so i squirted the hand sanitizer in their mouths.

and they died 5 mins after.

later that night my friend slept over.

and my dad asked me “what gave you the courage to keep fighting?” I was about to say seeing you get hurt made me want to kill it and then I woke up.





  • this is so nice

    • Thank you!!!

  • omg i loved reading this but at the same time it was funny

  • This was…. A GREAT BOOK KEEP IT UP!

    • Lol, Thank You!!!

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