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i wish that i had 100mil dollars and for me and every body else to have a better day because some people are having bad days and i want people to stop dying from racist people like we are the same person but just different colors and jut because they look different don’t mean that u can not like them because they look different less say u racist and u are white and u have a black son what will u do less say u black and u  racist and u have a white child don’t judge some one because of their skin tone and god made us to work withe each other not to fight because we look different and if u vote for some one and the other person don’t like him and judge u about don’t worry what they say and stop taking drugs and weed and stuff like then u gonna get dupressed or u gonna over dose do u want to die or have a better life and rappers stop killing other people just because u jelly and just ask for help and if its no then then its no like just practice more and x died because they wanted his gucci bag and all that money u can bye it like stop killing people because u don’t like them and think before u do because u can die with him and just stop because its just stupid and gangs just turn your self in if u are running from cops because u making it harder on your self

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Post Privacy Published on January 26 | Creativity
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