what i think about the polar plunge

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When it comes to jumping in to a frozen ice cold lake I AM OUT. I do not get the point of this all you do is jump in freezing cold water that can give you frost bit or worse death i mean why would you that it is not going to help your health like how gymnastic,softball and soccer it is also not energetic. this is not a fact what i am going to say right now but i think this would happen if i fell in to a lake or pond or for some weird reason did the polar plunge i think first my legs would get so cold they could not move as well as my arms and then i would have a 1 out of 10million  because i would not be able to move my arms or legs and i would know i could not find the small hole that i fell in is like i fell in and it was a small hole not a big hole like the picture in this thing so yes i do think the polar plunge is dumb and dangers so know you know why i think about the polar plunge.     

 by: Olivia.s

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