Message in From A Missing Person

It is a cloudy day and you are bored. Once you have done all of your chores, your dad says he will take you fishing. You want to go to a special secret lake that only you and your dad know about. When you are there, you go to the flat boulder where the bites are good. It is a perfect day for fishing and the current is strong. In a few minutes, you get a bite. You notice it is heavy, and think that it’s a bass. But as you reel it in, it turns out that is a bottle with paper inside. Curious, you take out the letter and read it. As you read, your eyes widen. It is from the lost colony! “Dad!” you call. “What?” He shouts. “You may want to take a look at what I have!”

When Dad reads it, he reaches for his phone. Then he calls the police and tells them about the bottle. They come in less than three minutes. They herd us home and we are paid $$$10000 for our discovery. It turns out, the letter is from someone who was marooned on an island for three years. His name was Tim Sharp. He has been missing forĀ 3 whole YEARS! As it turns out, that message had been made a good 3 weeks ago, and we caught the bait!

We had enough money to live comfortably for the rest of our lives. That is just what we will do!

Caroline Soll

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Post Privacy Published on March 12 | Creativity
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