Food in the future

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Well i do not have any evidence but this is something i am just guessing the food will be like in the future. Okay so i think food might taste a little different like lets use candy.  I think we will not like candy as much anymore because are taste buds will change as we get older and we will not like candy as much as we do now as a kid like i use to like will type of candy 🍬 i cant remember what it was but as i got older I didn’t like it as much as I did then and in the furniture we will not like sweet food as much.  And I am not just going to talk about food I am going to talk about clothes like maybe if you were a girl and you loved to wear a bright pink dress I highly dout you will want to wear that anymore.  Also there will be new style the thing people are wearing I mean that’s my prediction what’s yours??????????

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