My new best friend

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If I could pick any fictional best friend I would pick Hermione Jean Granger. Here are some pros and cons.

Pros:                                                                                                                      Cons:                                                                                                                                

  1. I would probably get top marks on all my tests.                                            1. We would spend all day in the libary.
  2. We would share a dorm. :)                                                                                 2. My arm would cramp up from raising it so much in class.
  3. We would exclaim over Harrry Potter and Ronald Weasly.                           3. We might need time turners.
  4. We would tell Ginny to calm down near Harry.                                                4. People calling us Know-It-Alls.
  5. We would help Hagrid with some new beast.                                                5. Breaking into places like the Ministry of magic  (this happens in the fith and seventh book.)
  6. we would watch the quidditch matches.


I would also like Ginny Weasly and Luna lovegood as my best friends. I would like Luna as my friend because of her weirdness of speaking uncomfterble truths, and her actual ”detached from the world” weirdness. I would like Ginny as my friend because we could talk about Harry Potter and we could play with Arnold the Piggnipuff.


  • Neli, how did you find out/remember little details like Hermione’s middle name? That is true dedication.

    • I remember because I have read Harry Potter at least 13 times already. Plus they mention her middle name in Albus Dumbeldores will. :D

  • I like it and how you added pro & cons thumbs up

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