My Dog Can Fly

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It was a normal summer day. I woke up looking for my dog. Who usually is right next to my bed begging for food and then I let her outside every single day. But today she wasn’t there so I knew something was wrong. I went around my house searching for her she wasn’t in the living room, by her food bowl, or in the kitchen. Finally I checked the backyard there she was but different.  She was in the air like up in the air. She was flying. Like shes been doing for years like shes hiding something from me. I walked up to her slowly, terrified and looked at her and said “What is Hapenning.” She flew over to me. I just standed there amazed but still terrified. Then she stopped with a terrified look on her face and sat there on the floor like nothing happened. Then I woke up and realized it was just a dream.

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