the grand savior piano

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Once there was a very rich family in 1988 and they lived in a mansion. it was a family of three, the mother, the father, and the daughter. Katherine was a very good child and very beautiful and often was left behind with her mother Hasel while Victor the III went on looking for rare gems to sell. Hasel often cleaned the grand mansion while Katherine (14 years old) often studied for school and played the 14-year-old piano. she played the piano only because her mother and father bought it in honor of her birth and she thought it was the one pure thing in her favor. One day she returned from school when her father was still on a trip to find her mother collapsed on the floor before the piano then Katherine smelled smoke, not really thinking she ran to the kitchen and grabbed two damp clothes from the basket and ran back to her mother’s side put a cloth over her mouth and her mother’s mouth but then she realized the smoke smell was stronger near the side door so she awoke her mother and walked to the front door but the door itself was aflame so Katherine only had one option to run through the smoke to the side door because the windows were always sealed so no one could rob them. But at that moment Hasel walked over to the piano and opened a secret door in the piano’s side and said to Katherine ”Come now, Katherine.” Katherine went into the piano and realized she was in a rather large room stocked with food, blankets, and water. her mother then walked to the couch and sat then said to Katherine ”come my dear child I will explain to you what this room is and how the fire started so Katherine sat and allowed her mother to tell the story: Katherine’s uncle wanted revenge because his brother was going to have a kid but that was one main reason there were multiple other reasons. The uncle had a special power his brother did not have it allowed him to cast good and evil spells and even allowed him to see the past and future! He also wanted to get rid of the unborn child because his wife never had kids and because he had seen something rather unforgettable, the unborn child would become the white queen also better known as the queen of the world. So he walked to his brother’s spot where they begged for money for food and for the unborn baby, and said to his brother ”Dear brother I have something for you.” The evil uncle had bought another house for his brother, so he led them there and said ”This is your new home!!!” the wife and husband were super impressed but asked why the uncle bought them a house. The uncle said, ”Because of the unborn baby, of course, no child deserves to be out in the cold.”. The uncle also furnished the house with elegant furniture and chandeliers with crystals and diamonds and then the evil uncle 

wanted Katherine gone because she was to be the white queen of this world when she turned 16 so the wizard set a spell on the house that when Katherine turned 14 and 14 days after Katherine’s Birthday the house would burn down when she returned to school on the 14th day. However, the wizard did not know that the piano saw Katherine’s birth and vowed to protect her and her family, and all those times she played the piano she gave more power to the piano, and then when she was 10 the piano finished making the room and finally showed it to Victor and Hasel you could open it by pressing your hand onto the side right on the center of the K on the side.

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