The Black War

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The world is dark. I see nothing. It’s hot, stuffy. Cold metal binds my hands and my legs are also binded. My chest is bare, my legs clad in rags of pants. I remember nothing. Not my name, not my age. I hear a door open. Voices. In a language I don’t understand. “Who are these people?’ I think. “Where am I?’

        Warm hands grab my arms. I hear the clink of metal unbuckling. My arms are forced behind me. Again, the voices speak. Metal binds my hands once more and I am forced to walk. I am half dragged, half lead through a series of doors, twists and turns. I am shoved into a metal chair. My arms and legs are clamped down with large metal clamps. My heart pounds. 

Light floods my eyes. My blindfold is ripped off. I blink. My captor finally becomes clear.

“Solider!!!!” He says. “Ready to comply!?”

Finish this……

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Post Privacy Published on September 23 | Adventure & Fantasy
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