How i felt during the first week of school.

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The first week of school was lit. Everyone was exiting I got to see my friends that weren’t with me during the summer I also got to get back into sports. The first week was so fun every was nice the schoolwork was easy and the only bad thing about school in the first week and now is advanced math. I think every thought that school was lit on the first week and after school it feels so nice to come home now. On the first week I found out that we got recces back and that a lot of my friends were in all of my classes (except for advisory, only one is in advisory.) The first week I found out what teachers I liked and didn’t my favorites are Mrs. Washegesic and that’s about it, all the others are pretty meh. I am in all the advanced classes but I get a lot of crap for it because everyone says i’m dumb. The first week was a lot of fun because we have a ton of freedom and we also rule the school now. On the first day I thought i’m a year away from high school and I just thought wow I have come a long way. It took me the first day to memorize all my classes but that’s it. First hour is in red hall, second hour is in blue hall, third hour is in green hall, fourth hour is in gym hall, fifth hour is in green hall, sixth hour is in red hall, and 7th hour is in red hall as well.


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