So its this one place i forgot the name of it its like this bouncy place i think it was in like holland it was fun it was like sky zone i went there in like 2014 or 2015 my dad took me there so we where were there was this place that we had to jump off to get down to these blocks but it was  very high i was little so i didn’t want ti do it there was like slides and cartoon slides i just know remember what it was called it was called crazy bounce in holland because we went there for my big cousin birthday party and some of my friends where there i didn’t tell them to come i guess my big cousin knew or something so we going down slides and doing all this other stuff and having fun it smelt like candy and slushes and stuff there was candy and slushes musinsens there is this basketball thing were you can dunk on it i always dunk on it i touch the rim all of the time i but sometimes when i got down the slide it burns me i don’t know why.So where still there we got like a hour left and we going down the slide we was running around because we was playing tag so i went to the high thing where the blocks were and i had to jump off of it because i did not want to be it was scary only because i was like 7 but 1 time we went it was just me my dad and my brother and my stepmom so we went to the high thing this is way before the birthday party so i was up there and my step mom jumped off my dad told me to jump off i was like no i don’t want to im scared he said if you do i will give you 20 dollars and some vc so i jumped off so fast,so back to the birthday party so yea i’m up there we are playing tag what i hear is people screaming it is so loud so after we got done we went to taco bell we ate in taco bell because covid wasn’t a thing we eating talking im sitting next to jaden we are playing around my mom told us to stop because we are in public place and there probally getting mad we where playing around only becasue they would not hurry up and do our order

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Post Privacy Published on September 30 | Personal
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