A Blast From The Past To The Future

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Truly there is nothing like getting a brand new game you have always been wanting, but what about the ones we forget about. To this day i still remember this masterpiece of a game. On a friday in 2015 me and my dad would go to a local Toys Are Us and get Skylanders a now valuable toy. To use the skylanders you collected you will need The portal of power. Just plug in the portal of power to your console insert the game and watch as the portal of power lights up. Press play on your controller and prepare for some fun. Almost 7 years after it’s initial release i revisited a old friend i remember my eyes lockedĀ  on the tv as i made my way throughout the levels. The smell was a nice lavender fragrance. As i powered down the xbox and went to sleep i remember the dream i had that night. I saw a portal on my floor and a little kid version of me calling out to meĀ  ”come on let’s go” I hopped in the portal and I was in a toy store looking for legos and Skylanders. Then in my bed again ready to start a new day.

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