WordPress Customization: Enhance the Web Applications

WordPress is most popular used open source content management system written in PHP and backed with MySQL. It consists of a plug-in architecture and a template system, where the users can customize the website and also use it as a blogging platform with their own formatting and styling of text & images. For publishing information, one can post blog information with sophisticated features using template themes and designs. Various features are embedded in WordPress like integrated link management, easy installation & upgradation, wordpress themes, multiple authors, xml interface, internationalism and localization.

With WordPress customization, more visitors can be attracted towards your website made with creativity. It is often used as a blog publishing application because of its seamless user-interface that makes writing content, organizing and publishing in a simple way. Templates are available in WordPress which consists of different plug-ins that will assist in performing tasks easily. Websites made with a unique design in WordPress are easy to share with other websites and are creatively made with customized features. A fully designed website can also be integrated with WordPress for enabling blog which will enhance the functionalities of the web application.

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Web Promotion Services: Giving Competitive Edge to Your Business

Online Marketing is one of the most fundamental aspects for any company to gain popularity in the online world. It involves everything to bring your website online till promoting it so that it can beat your competitors. Designing a creative website means attracting more visitors to boost up the sales ratio of products and it support and services – https://jatapp.com/services/support-services/. A web promotion company provides website listings on major search engines using internet marketing services.

The experienced professionals use online marketing techniques which are involved in web promotional services are SEO Services (Search Engine Optimization), SEM Services (Search Engine Marketing), Customized Content Development, Blog Posting, SMO Services (Social Media Optimization), PPC management and Article & Directory Submission. They’ll assist you in choosing the accurate service plan suitable to your website as they possess sound technical knowledge.

With growing competition, web visibility has taken more importance in the market with proper internet marketing plan. Thus, higher search engine rankings which ultimately turn your visitors into customers as they are the key factors to the success of online business


Magento E-Commerce Development: Customized Online Store Applications

Magento is a rich featured open source E-commerce platform build upon Zend Framework. It offers easy customization for designing various themes and templates to make suitable to the client’s needs. Magento has robust architecture, so the e-commerce applications are made search engine friendly and so as the website can get more amount of visitors. The team of Magento developers uses the most efficient tools to provide the exact requirements.

The Magento customization covers almost all the features which are required for making an online e-commerce store with payment integration. The modules are also integrated to ensure that a seamless work flow with exploded menu, customization power and security is maintained. CMS development can be done by a wide range of customized features to make more adaptive to the users.

Magento Customization is fine tuned with various capabilities where all the major E-Commerce areas are covered in a packed solution. This is one of the most popular tools used by Magento developers to provide the merchants with exactly what they want and they co-ordinate the e-commerce application with tailored features like Shopping Cart Development, Supply Chain Management, Modules & Extension Development which supports in quick business transactions while increasing profits.

The different areas of Magento E-Commerce Development:

  • E-Commerce Multi-Store Development
  • Customized Themes
  • Content Management System
  • Shopping Cart Module
  • Shipping Module
  • Payment Integration

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