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I don’t believe in love at first sight because i feel that you need to see more than just their looks or their voice. There are so many other things than just hairstyle like their personality however i do believe in love at first sight for a object. Let’s say you just saw a really cool game you wanted at the store and your brain starts to think that you need this or else you will not function. So you save up your money and do extra chores to get enough money to buy this game. You have just shown that you will do whatever you need to get it. It can also be a heartbreak if the game is nothing like advertised. This is also the same for dating online you see somebody’s pictures on a dating site and invite them to a dinner and they look nothing like how they looked on the app. Some people believe in it but i am kinda in the middle so i will just say this it is all up to the person and their beliefs to decide if they believe in it or not.

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Post Privacy Published on October 13 | Personal
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