My pet dragon

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my baby dragon is named fire and i love him so much i will never let him go hes so cute and he comes with me hes so so soo cute he dirtys my clothes and i have to wash them but its fine hes cute and he has hot breath he just lays all over my clothes its okay i can wash them but i have to stay in my pjs all day in till my other clothes are done and i show all my friends they say hes so cute and my friends are nice so they pet him nicely and did not hit him they will ask to see him when im with them so cute and he loves them so much he just sits there in there hands and then when there done petting him he comes back to me and he sits in my hand then i put him inside and he lays down for a nap and when i get home from my friends house I pick fire up and give him a kiss on the head and we lay down together for a while and I will fall asleep with him sometimes but not all the time sometimes I lay with him till he falls asleep the i go to my room and in the morning I get him breakfist in the morning and I make myself breakfist eggs baccon and orange juice i also get fire some orange juice to beacuase he loves orange juice in the morning then we go outside and hangout with my friends and the i drop him off then fire gose to sleep everyday i do the same thing hes so cute i take care of him every single day and never will stop even if he dirtys my clothes i will just clean them and stay in my pjs and wait and wait and wait but i just kiss him on the head and we take a nap for like 5 hours and we get up and i make tacos for him and then make me dinner i make hamburgers and fries of coruse i give him one i always do when i make fries then we go to sleep and then we do the same thing in the morning then i make lunch i make him and me griled cheese and then fries to then we go hangout with my friends the come back home make dinner but i made tacos for both of us and fries of course why not and i get ketchup and dip my fries in it also and its so good yum yum yummy yum i also teach him how to fly i say raise your wings and jump the flap your wings and he gose off flying i say go fire goo good job good good job keep going now fly down and he dose come down careful and the i keep washing my clothes but THEN i get him a suprise its a dragon bed!!!!!!!!!!! hes so happy so now i dont have to wash my clothes and also i get him his OWN ROOM and he loves it he was flying around the house hoping up and down turning around and huging my foot then i pick him up and carfuly hug him and the only why i had to wash my clothes is because he slobers all over them the end.

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Post Privacy Published on October 18 | Adventure & Fantasy
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