Well Cuphead and his pall Mugman They like to roll the dice…..

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Ah the good old days when the original xbox came out when the world was a better place. Sometimes we think our lives are boring but we all don’t revist stuff from our parents childhood. So if you ever find yourself bored then ask your parents about what they used to play when they were your age. Staring at a device for 7- 10 hours a day is unhealthy and not productive scientist say.  “Go get some sunshine or maybe even take a walk to your local barber shop” Cuphead is a game that came out in 2012 then was re made by the same corporation in 2016. i love this game because it made impossible games more fun and cartoony it really awoke a certain flame that made the difficulty easy to ignore. I often found myself trying to mimic the art style. Think of any disney movie that opened up with the classic mouse on a steamboat turning the steering wheel while whistling. The art style looks like it was on a early tv and that’s exactly how cuphead looks like.

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