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I think you should try horseback riding. There are lots of reasons. The first reason is that it can be almost therapeutic. Horses can tell what you’re feeling, and their actions reflect that. If you’re tense, the horse is tense. If you’re loose and relaxed, the horse will be loose and relaxed. It’s hard to explain the bond you make with a horse. The more you ride and work with a horse, the better you and the horse can understand each other. The next reason is the workout. To ride a horse, you don’t just sit on its back and say ”Yee haw! Giddy up horsey!”. There are more physical cues for speaking to the horse than verbal cues. A horse will change its entire position to match how you bend your body. If you lean forward and squeeze your legs, your horse is gonna back up. If you lean back and gently tap the horse’s side with your knees, your horse will speed up. It can be a really good workout, and it works on strengthening muscles that normal gym workouts don’t. You should also ride horses just for the fun of it. There’s something thrilling about brushing your horse, tacking it up, and mounting a horse. As you ride something really happens and it feels like it’s just you and the horse. All your worries and problems melt away, and all you need to worry about is you and your horse. Overall, riding horses can be beneficial to people in many ways.

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