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We believe that writing should be fun and sharing should be easy, so we built a digital writing platform for classrooms.

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Our Journey

The story of Write About officially began when John Spencer and Brad Wilson met in 2014 and started chatting about the potential for a social publishing platform. The foundation had actually been forming long before that. John, a middle school teacher, had been creating lots of custom visual writing starters and was tired of having kids only publishing to the class. Brad, a former elementary teacher, had been tinkering with how to bring the success of his Write About This iPad app to a wider platform. Both had experienced the frustration of how clunky it was to accomplish their student writing goals on the web and heard from dozens of other educators who shared that sentiment.

The perfect partner to bring John and Brad's dream to fruition was Bob Armbrister, the developer who had been working with Brad since 2012 on Write About This and Tell About This. His technology and business experience allowed them to focus on the things that would matter most to classrooms in designing Write About. Early on, it was decided that writing Ideas would be a key, integrated part of the platform. By creating something that was easy, fun and social, they could solve many of the problems they saw when it comes to getting students excited to write and have success publishing online.John, Brad and Bob have collaborated with educators from around the world in order to prioritize what features to include and, just as importantly, what to leave out. Feedback from students, friends, colleagues and users has played an important role in shaping Write About and this community will be vital moving forward.


We look forward to working with you and your students in this Community of Writers!

Bob Armbrister

Chief Executive Officer

Bob is a new dad who loves to make things happen. He has worked as an entrepreneur and IT leader for 15 years and loves implementing features that improve the user experience.

Brad Wilson

Chief Operations Officer

Brad loves creating eventful writing opportunities for students based on his 8 years in education as a 4th grade teacher and technology integration specialist.

Nikki Hansen

Community Manager

Nikki is a Secondary ELA Teacher, World Traveler, Writing Enthusiast and Semicolon Master. She loves engaging with teachers from around the world and creating nuanced writing Ideas.

Deedee Stasiak

Teacher Ambassador

Deedee is 1st Grade Teacher, a Michigan State University Spartan, tech nerd, dog lover, family girl! Deedee is currently pursuing her Masters in Education Technology and loves working with teachers/classrooms to help them have success with Write About.

Tom Whitford

Outreach Ambassador

Rashid Ali

Software Engineer

Nauman Asad

Software Engineer

Kevin Wolf

User Interface Developer

Want to join our team? If you are passionate about getting students writing, we are seeking teachers to join the Write About Rockstars...a network for advising the development of the platform and connecting with classrooms around the world! Rockstars receive free Classroom Plus accounts and other perks! Contact us to learn more.