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Tell this story.
Avatar of Gatlin
By Gatlin
Posted on February 22 1 Comment Shared Pubicly
Bob was eating his breakfast one morning when he thought he heard a noise outside, so he went into his backyard to see what it was, it turned out that it was a very old man. “hey there sonny I just came over to find someone who want to help me test out my new […]
im going in to find out OK
The worst feeling ever Men with guns all over. As I look down scared trying not to look into the eyes of the Nazis, I see yellow.   The color that labels me and my family. My mother stands beside me her hands up like me. I wonder if life will be better. The world […]
SCARED I was alone and surrounded by strangers I knew no one and no one knew me I was stranded, lost, and abandoned As I was walking, I came to an immediate stop By a man with a gun pointing straight at my head He told me hands up and get on the ground At that […]
Boy standing still with a women standing still hands up hands up standing on a path holding up the line.   The hat he wears shadowing his eyes. the star he wears marking him. branding him. Everyone knows he’s Jewish.   Maybe he sees the guns Maybe he does not Maybe he will die Maybe […]
Tell the spookiest story you can think of.
Avatar of Bobby Hicks Jr.
By Bobby
Posted on February 22 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
I was eating chicken when suddenly i heard a knock at the door. I opened the door and I saw a note on the ground the note said “I will get you¨. No looking back I drive to my momz house. But while I´m driving I feel a little bum and I assumed that it […]
It all started when a little girl had to eat a banana. Little Girl:  “Which banana should I eat?” Banana 1: “Eat him  because he is older I need to have a longer life and he will get raw.” Banana 2: “Well I am getting old I can’t move.” Little Girl: “I don’t even want to […]
Trick or treating
Avatar of Anastayzia Stovall
By Anastayzia
Posted on February 21 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
 One day we were going trick or treating we walked up to one house we were really exited because we had 499 peaces of candy we only needed one more peace but we walked up to the house knocked on the door and someone came out really fast and said BAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! we jumped to get away it […]
This is a crab camera it is used for under water footage of the sea life it is suppose to look like a crab. This is because you can see a life of fish and underwater creatures without them being suspicious of you and be afraid. It is remote control and free swimming settings and […]
Tell this story.
Avatar of Salvin
By Salvin
Posted on February 22 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
ther were two box’s who wanted to get marrid they got marrid but in the dark they were walking and a rober said can i marre her Mr.box said NO. now the robre was cry in his house.