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Ultimate Fighting Club
Avatar of Agent Werle
By Agent Werle
Posted on January 17 3 Comments Shared Pubicly
The UFC is a group for wrestling.Fighter’s like Conner Mcgregor,Bruce Lee, Rick Story and more fighter’s. From Japanese To American’s To Irish to so much more EVERYONE IS STRONG!
i had a dream
I like it because he mad freedom for black and white people to do the same things that you can do with each other. Also he liked that any black and white people can be friends and  hang out with  each other.
Future? Or an endless pit of unknown?
Avatar of Grace Hearth
By Grace
Posted on January 13 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
Future is such a big word. Not length wise that for sure but when you think about it, what is the future? I am always told that you need to live in the today because the future technically never comes. It is the snarky comment people try and make to sound smart saying that today […]
What is your favorite video game????
Avatar of Alan
By Alan
Posted on January 11 1 Comment Shared Pubicly
My favorite video game is Call of Duty Advance Warfare. It is a pretty fun game it allows you to jump really high using exo suits. You can customize your guy in any way you want. It has many weapons. Its really fun when you play live with others. You can unlock advance supply drops.The […]
The reason why I think I could be King’s son because I have great speeches and me and him look alike. I could really inspire look in the hearts of the peoples eyes like come on I live in a Democracy. In this Democracy in the state of New Jersey I can speak freely to […]
Some Stuff About ME
Avatar of Camden
By Camden
Posted on January 04 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
Hello! I am Camden Thompson and I am going to tell you a little about me! Fav. Sports: Football, baseball, skiing, and basketball Fav. Animals: Pig, monkey, lizard Fav. Colors: Green, blue Fav. Brands: Nike, Under Armour, Champion, Adidas Fav. Subjects: Writing, science Fav. Season: Winter Fav. Superhero: Batman, Hulk, Hawkeye Fav. Teams: Seahawks, NY […]
Avatar of Luke Beeman
By Luke
Posted on December 21 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
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Ashfall By Mike Mullin Published by Tanglewood publishing published in 2010 466 pages $10.95 ISBN 978-1-933718-74-3 “It didn’t hurt at all-not at first. There was a grinding vibration as the ax scraped my ribs. He raised it for another blow. The blade dripped red , and the coppery stink of my blood filled the air.” […]
Fight for freedom By Benson Bobrick
Avatar of Katie marie walesby
By Katie
Posted on December 21 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
Fight for Freedom:The American  Revolutionary War By: Benson Bobrick Atheneum Books for Young Readers; 1st edition October 1, 2001 pg.# 90 $20.81 ISBN: 0689864221   “The American Revolution was a historic struggled by which the 13 British colonies of North America gained independence from Great Britain and went on to create the United States. This […]
Do You believe In Santa?
Avatar of Kevin Cortez
By Kevin
Posted on December 14 5 Comments Shared Pubicly
Avatar of Michelle Buss
By Michelle
Posted on December 13 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
Typically my snow days are pretty relaxing. If it’s not to bad outside and the snow is just right, I can make sculptures or snow people with my siblings. This snow day the snow it was bit too soft and fluffy because the air was so cold, but I had to work with it. Every […]