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  I just caught a Devils Hole pupfish. I think I am famous now but nobody know about it yet.This is crazy and I dont understand how I caught one of the most rarest  fish in the world I.I dont know what to do with it throw it back or put it a bucket with […]
Do football coaches make too much money?
Avatar of Mason Osborn
By Mason
Posted on February 24 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
Football coaches don’t make to much money they make 3 million dollars this year. That is a lot of money. They have to go to the games and they have to practice and they take up all there time to do that they  volunteered there time to do that.
eif you are a sports fanatic you might know about football but did you that the superbowl is the most important game of the season! the falcons vs patriots who will win! you probrably know who won.you gest it patriots. the falcons have not been in the super bowl since 1996.this is crazy because the […]
If the falcons didn’t try to get touchdowns they would have won the Super Bowl LI cause by the 4th quarter they are worn out so I think they were soar. The reason why I think they were being soar cause they were trying to hard to get touchdowns and they didn’t win. cause they […]
Hi Guys I Am Jackson The Sports Video Gamer And I Recently Played Madden 17 & NBA 17 And I have Done Something Called A We Video And I ROCK.THE END
I think high schools should have football teams because you can get hurt in any sport you play also it gives the kids something to do so they can stay out of trouble. Football is a great sport for kids to play because you can always get better and you have to work hard to […]
Who is your favorite WWE Wrestler? Why?
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By Aubrey
Posted on February 22 0 Comments Shared Pubicly
My favorite wwe wrestler is Roman Reigns becuase he is very good at wrestling and he always comesback at the other wrestler.  
falkins are not cool. patrits are cool
Name: Dabrous Founder: Muhammad Afandi Manager: Muhammad Afandi Team Captain: Big J Striker: Alabama Center Midfielder: Momo B Right Midfielder: Hagro Muleficent Left Midfielder: Valor Stylz Center Defense: Matthew loller Right Defense: Yellow Dude Left Defense: Naruto banks Right Wing: Instinct Hagrid Left Wing: Mystic Gago Goalkeeper: Jeff I think that this team will be […]
LeBron james because he has more triple doubles and can shoot 3 pointers