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what can students do on write about?

WRITE. Find creative inspiration to write. Make their writing better. Have fun writing. Share their writing. Read other students' writing. Respond to writing. Write some more.

what can teachers do on write about?

Get students WRITING. Support the writing process. Provide feedback on writing. Guide the sharing of writing. Connect with other teachers of writing. Have students write even more!

School/Districts features support Teachers and Students!

student registration and login

students sign up using unique teacher code (no email required)

1-click registration available with Google Apps for Education accounts
Custom login page for each teacher with student avatars and Group filtering

...or add students individually or in bulk

Control usernames and passwords
Set up student accounts for an entire class very quickly

student management

assign publishing permissions

Limit public student publishing and sharing to Classmates Only
Turn moderation on/off for individual students or many at a time
Revert student Posts back to Draft status

Student Management

Content Filtering

Control what Ideas and Posts are displayed for students
Limit what Groups students can view and join
Assign viewable content individually or by group

Student Moderation

View a visual feed of Posts and Comments that require moderation
Quickly take action by approving, declining or viewing the full post
Leave feedback for students about why their content was declined

student activity dashboard

Quickly view student writing and commenting status by Group
1-click access to all work
Visual feed of recent student posts

Metrics for Teachers

View data about writing engagement, interactions, and content trends
Track writing volume over time
Analyze class activity or filter by individual student

Metrics for Students

View personal activity for drafting and posting
See commenting, group membership and content trends
Track how much they are writing through word counts

Posts: Public Class Feed

Public link with all Public posts published by students and teacher
Connects to individual student Author Pages in the sidebar
Sort, Search and Filter for quick access to post archive over time

posts: write

Click Write About from any Idea to begin writing a Post about it
Create a Post from scratch with a custom image
Record voice to accompany the text or add a personal touch
Save as a Draft to come back to the writing later
Choose Private, Classmates Only or Public visibility level for each Post

posts: read and share

Access any public Post from students or teachers on Write About
Search by keyword, grade level, category or tag
Share Posts to your Groups
Teachers can send public Posts by email or on social media
Students and teachers can view a visual feed of the post
Privacy icon designates which publishing layer the post has been shared with
Print Post button with printer-friendly version of the writing

posts: annotation and feedback

Use Annotation to leave private remarks about specific pieces of the work
Leave text Feedback on Drafts or Posts that is only viewable bt the author
Record private verbal Feedback on Drafts or Posts for the Students

posts: commenting

Start or join a conversation about the writing with other Write About users
Teachers can moderate their students' comments
Guest Comments available on any Public Post to outside viewers
Guest Comments automatically moderated by the teacher

ideas: create

Combine an image and text to craft interesting visual catalysts
Record voice to accompany the text or add a personal touch
Add text details for giving further directions or information
Publish Ideas privately for students or share publicly

ideas: discover and share

Hundreds of original Ideas created for Write About across all genres
Access Ideas created by other K-12 teachers
Search by keyword, grade level, category or tag
Share Ideas directly to your class or project Groups

idea galleries

Organize favorite Ideas into private or public visual folders
Curate writing starters by topic, genre or unit
Find and follow Galleries from other users

author pages

Feed of public Posts from that author
View their activity with Comments and Groups
Custom avatar displayed

groups: create and administer

Public, Closed or Private visibility and access
Custom name, description and avatar
Group activity centered around Ideas and Posts
Add students directly into a Group

groups: moderation

Add multiple teachers as moderators
Set "Featured" ideas and Posts for high visibility
Allow users to share Ideas and Posts directly or turn on moderation
Receive Notifications when content is posted

groups: find and join

Search Groups based on interest or subject keywords
Join any Public Group
Request to join private Groups


Receive updates when there is activity related to students or content
Quickly read, moderate or delete when action is needed


Teacher can connect with other educators to follow their work and collaborate
Teacher-to-teacher messaging available to plan projects or share ideas


Only student first names are displayed publicly
Reporting of abuse available for any Idea or Post
Custom publishing layers administered by the teacher


Keep writing from previous classes/years as students progress
Seamless management transition between teachers
*Available for School/District accounts

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