High-Interest Content

Thousands of visual writing ideas to help engage students across all genres and purposes!

  • Scaffold choices and assignments
  • Customize for your class
  • Record audio to accompany detailed instruction
“The biggest barrier to getting my students writing has always been a lack of interest among students. Write About solves that with its endless Ideas.”
Collin Nuismer, 7th and 8th Grade ELA Teacher

Authentic Writing

Groups safely connect students with a local or global audience to write, read and comment!

  • Popular student topics moderated by teachers
  • Differentiate and organize students, content and data
  • Custom projects to collaborate with other classrooms
Students don't just want their teachers to read their writing– they want feedback from others. Write About is a perfect platform for that!
Jennifer Luce, 4th Grade Teacher
The Ultimate Sports Group
Public Group / 1,735 members
The Storytellers Group
Public Group / 545 members
The Global Read Aloud
Public Group / 1,393 members
Middle Grade Book Reviews
Public Group / 868 members
The U School Writers
Closed Group / 345 members
Mrs. Canfield's Rockstar Writers
Closed Group / 27 members

Focused Writing Tools

Empower students to quickly start, edit and publish their posts!

  • Write about ideas that inspire them or use their own ideas/images
  • Respond to assigned or choice topics from a teacher
  • Record voice to accompany writing pieces
Exactly what teachers need to get kids excited about writing and sharing...they LOVE it!"
Trina P, 6th Grade Teacher

Personalized Instruction

Improve and encourage student writing with feedback through the entire process!

  • Annotate any part of the writing
  • Leave private voice or text comments
  • Revision dashboard for students
“Unique and powerful features set it apart from other platforms”
Wes Fryer, Director of Technology

Safe Student Environment

Customize permissions and monitor writing stats for volume and engagement!

“Write About gives kids the opportunity to write for a broader audience. Children learn how to respectfully make comments to others. Teachers are able to provide feedback to students throughout the writing process.”
Jennifer Klawiter, 2nd Grade Teacher

Data and Management

Quickly take action on how much students are writing and what they are writing about!

  • Analyze class activity or filter stats by individual student
  • Monitor interactions and content trends
  • Organize work by student, group or topic
“Using Write about in my classroom has been a game changer. A safe platform allowing my students to share and respond to others thoughtfully is incredibly beneficial.”
-Leticia C., Elementary Teacher
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