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Funding Options

Your students are expected to transfer their writing skills to a digital environment to meet standards... to perform on assessments... to be college/career ready….and (most importantly) in LIFE – proficient digital writing is no longer an option.

Write About is the only publishing platform for classrooms with a built-in authentic audience, high-interest curriculum content and powerful teacher feedback tools!

Better Engagement for Better Writing


Funding Options:

Write About is a web-based literacy tool used in thousands of schools to enhance and extend core curricular outcomes for students in writing, reading, language development, speaking and listening, digital citizenship, and technology proficiency. Schools and Districts use these common funding sources to provide students and teachers access to Write About on a yearly or multi-year basis:

  • State and local curriculum funds
  • State and local technology funds
  • State and local textbook funds
  • Title I – Part A, Section 1003(g): School Improvement; Part C: Migrant Education
  • Title III – English Language Acquisition
  • Title V – Innovative Programs
  • Title VII – Native American Education
  • IDEA – Special Education funds
  • 21st Century Community Learning Center (CCLC)
  • High School reform funding
  • PTA/PTO funds
  • Education Foundation grants: local or regional
  • Non-Profit education grants
  • College/University literacy research partnerships
  • Private sector philanthropic education grants
  • State and Local Innovation grants
  • National or State Professional Organization/Association Grants (Literacy, English, ELA, Technology)

What Our Customers Say

"We have seen our students learn how to transfer and grow their writing skills using Write About because they are motivated and having fun. Our teachers love the engagement, analytics, and customization!"

Suzanne G.
Curriculum Director

"It's a really great website for engaging students in writing as well as communicating ideas and inspirations."

Alex B.
Digital Literacy Coach
New York

Write About has changed the way my students write. Such a powerful and important platform."

Colby Sharp
3rd Grade Teacher

Volume discounts, multi-year contract discounts, and early sign-on discounts are available to defray a portion of the cost if your school qualifies.

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