#GRA16: Orbiting Jupiter
Share your writing and connect with other readers!
Public Group / 1,206 members
Super Bowl Writing Challenge
Share your best writing about one of the most watched sporting events in the world! The game, the...
Public Group / 670 members
Platinum 1 (Crackudos Gang)
Platinum 1 students from CNA Maricá – teacher: Alexandra Andrade.
Closed Group / 5 members
Shark Tank
A group to discuss ideas of products you would invent.
Public Group / 1,057 members
This is a place to share your love of the fantasy genre. It could be fan fiction, writing your ow...
Public Group / 1,617 members
Poetry Slam
A space to spark and share the power of poetry.
Public Group / 417 members
Summer School 2017
Summer School Students
Closed Group / 24 members
Change the World
For those who care about social change and want to write about it.
Public Group / 595 members
Word Play: Fun with Figurative Language
Enjoy the puns, metaphor, hyperbole, personification, idioms…all the fun ways to play with ...
Public Group / 312 members
Cars and Kittens
This group is for kids who like cars and kittens. Cars are cool and kittens are adorable.
Public Group / 18 members
A place to share your love of a quirky, creative, pixilated game.
Public Group / 2,174 members
We Love Dogs
Let’s write about the animal we all love, dogs!
Public Group / 841 members
Pokemon Club
This group will share all things Pokeman: battles, rare cards, and fake cards.
Public Group / 909 members
Candy Fanatics
A group dedicated to the love of candy.
Public Group / 287 members
Mal's Puppies
To post information on puppies and adult dogs.
Public Group / 240 members
Gamer Group
A group dedicated to video games.
Public Group / 1,844 members
Harry Potter
A group for people who love Harry Potter.
Public Group / 305 members
PAX - One book to connect readers
Would you like to share in our conversations? We would love to make connections with people all o...
Closed Group / 52 members
#GRA16: The Global Read Aloud
One Book To Connect The World – Read, comment and publish your own writing with students and t...
Public Group / 1,907 members
Animal Jam
This is a group for people crazy about Animal Jam to share ideas and stories.
Public Group / 181 members