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Account Management

Teachers and students receive notifications about a variety of activity and interactions on Write About so that they can have quick access to content and feedback that is part of their social publishing experience. Notifications on the platform are updated by the number displayed next to ‘Home’ in the navigation bar. The notification details are located within the ‘My Page’ tab. Teachers can approve comments and group activity that requires moderation from this area. Notifications can individually be marked as “Read” or deleted.
Email Notification Settings
Teachers and student users with an associated email also receive some email notifications. Users can change their email notification preferences from the ‘My Page’ area under ‘Settings’. Select the ‘Email’ tab to update specific email options.
Group Email Notifications
Teachers can change the email preferences for groups that they administer from the group Settings tab. From the group page, click the ‘Edit’ button and then find the sub-tabs below the blue navigation area in the middle of the page.
Teachers can send private messages to their students and teacher Connections. Students cannot send messages to anyone besides their teacher. The ‘Private Message’ button is displayed for the teacher when viewing a student’s Author Page after clicking on their name or avatar from anywhere on the site. The Messages area can be accessed from the ‘My Page’ tab.
Teachers can request a “Connection” with any other teacher on Write About. You will see this option from their Author Page as well as when they are listed as a member of a group. When you are connected to another teacher, you will be able to send them private messages and invite them to join groups.
An avatar is a image/graphic representation of the student author and is displayed throughout the site on their Posts, Comments and other actions. A random icon is provided by default or the Google avatar is imported during registration. Students and teachers can change their avatar from the ‘My Page’ area by clicking “Change Avatar” under the default image. 10 icon/color options are provided by Write About, or users can add their own image. Students must have parental permission to display their photo. Images uploaded for avatars must not be protected by copyright. Teachers cannot change student avatars unless they are logged in as the student.