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Connections and Collaboration

Providing students with an authentic audience of global peers is a goal for many educators in the Write About community. To accomplish this, teachers are often seeking Connections with other teachers so their classes can write for/with each other. The Groups functionality works perfectly for these private or semi-private spaces. You can find other members on Write About who you know or have connected with outside of the system OR you might find another teacher by looking at the content and Groups they have created.

Student posts must be ‘Public’ in order for others (who aren’t their classmates or teacher) to view.

Finding Teacher Connections
To search for another teacher member on the site by name, use the Members page: writeabout.com/members

Clicking on a member’s avatar anywhere on the site will take your to their Author/Profile page.

Add As Connection
Teachers can directly “Connect” on Write About (this is not available to students). Connections allow you to directly invite other teachers into a Group. When viewing a user’s Author/Profile page, simply click Add As Connection and a request will be sent to that person to confirm.

Teachers can send direct private messages to other teachers and their own students within Write About (this is not available for students to other students). When viewing a user’s Author/Profile page, simply click ‘Private Message’ and you will be taken into the Messages area. To access the Messages area directly, use the My Page tab and the ‘Messages’ section from the menu. To start a new message you’ll need to use the ‘Private Message’ button from a user’s page.

Collaborative Groups
If you and another teacher or multiple teachers want to have a custom space for your students to write and comment in, one person should create the group and ‘Invite’ the other teachers. When a teacher has joined a Group it allows them to directly add or invite their students into that space. Alternatively, you can make the Group ‘Closed’ and allow students to search for the group and add themselves using a password or by “requesting membership” (which requires approval by the Group Admin for each request).

To add another teacher as a co-moderator or co-administrator, click on the group page, select ‘Edit’, and then the ‘Members’ sub-tab. The “Promote to Mod” and “Promote to Admin” button will appear next to any member who is a teacher.