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Groups are custom community areas to share writing Ideas and Posts.

Types of Groups
Public groups are great for open writing communities, global collaborations, or connecting students by interest. Any Write About member can join the group and it will be listed in the groups directory and in search results. Group content and activity will be visible to Write About site member and is public online.

View the themed writing groups that we moderate.

Closed groups work well for multi-classroom collaborations, teacher-to-teacher sharing, or smaller communities. Unless added directly by their teacher, only users who request membership and are accepted can join a closed group. The group will still be listed in the groups directory and in search results but content and activity will only be visible to members of the group.

Private groups are commonly used for classroom groups, separating classes or for small student groups where outside visibility is not desired. Only users who are invited can join the group. A private group will not be listed in the groups directory or search results. Group content and activity will only be visible to members of the group.

Finding Groups
To find Groups, click on the Groups tab in the top navigation menu. All Public and Closed groups can be browsed, searched and filtered. Use the “Order By” drop-down menu to sort or type in a keyword if you are looking for something specific. When you find a group that you want to check out, just click on it’s title or avatar.

Joining Groups
Public Groups will display a “Join Group” button from the Groups page or when browsing the group’s page. Clicking this will automatically enroll you and put the group in your My Groups tab. Closed groups require approval and show the “Request Membership” button. You can also join a closed group if you have been given the password by going to the group page and entering it at the top.

My Groups
Find all the groups you have created or joined from the My Groups tab.

Create a Group
Teachers can create a group for a variety of classroom purposes by clicking “Create Group” under the main Groups tab. In step 1, you will give the group a name and add a description. After clicking “Next Step”, you will decide if the group should be Public, Closed or Private. Three options for who can use group Invitations are then presented, followed by the choice to turn moderation on for Ideas and/or Posts. Last on this step, decide if email notifications should be activated for group activity.

For step 3, it’s time to select an avatar to represent the group or upload a photo you own or a creative commons image from your computer.

The final step lets you invite your teacher connections to join the group as well as select any of your students from a list to be added directly to the group.

Adding Students to Groups
To add students to a group that you have previously created, click on the group page and use the “Add Members” tab to select any students to add.

Group Pages
The group page displays all the details of the group, like who the administrators and moderators are, access to all members of the group and, of course, the group content. Browse the Ideas or Posts tabs to view everything that has been shared to the group. Use the Feed tab to see recent activity and post comments and replies to group members like a message board.

Group Content
Groups are a place to share Ideas and Posts. The creator and members of the group can use the “Share to Group” feature on any Ideas or Posts throughout the site as well as on their own Ideas and Posts during the publishing process. Group administrators and moderators will be asked to approve content that is shared if moderation has been turned on in the settings and content can be removed from the group simply by clicking the “x” in the corner of an image.

Co-Moderating or Co-Administering Groups
Teachers who create a group can designate other teachers as Moderators or Administers. Moderators can approve, set as featured and remove Ideas and Posts from the group. Administrators have all privileges except for deleting the group. To add a co-moderator or co-administrator, click on the group page, select “Edit”, and then use the Members tab (below the blue menu). The “Promote to Mod” and “Promote to Admin” button will appear next to any member who is a teacher. If you later wish to change this action, the “Demote Member” button will show.

Featuring Group Content
Use the ability to “Feature” any Posts and Ideas that you want to be highly visible to group members. After an Idea or Post has been shared to the group, click the grey “thumb tack” button on the image to set it as featured. To

Editing a Group
To change a group’s settings, navigate to the group page and then click on the “Edit” button. A new set of tabs will display that allows you to change what was previously set up.

Deleting a Group
To remove a group, use the “Edit” button from the group page and the “Delete” option will appear in the new row of tabs.

Group Feed
From the student and teacher Home tab in the top navigation menu, recent Ideas and Posts will be displayed from groups that users are a member of. Clicking “View More” provides the entire list of Ideas or Posts.