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Ideas are writing starters and visual suggestions of what you can write about.

Find Ideas
To find an idea, click on the Ideas tab in the top navigation menu. You can scroll down the tiles of images and click on an Idea that you find interesting. To sort through categories, find the View by area on the top lefthand corner. Then select a category. To filter by grade level band, click on the “select a grade.” You can filter by both category and grade level at the same time. To search Ideas for a particular topic, type in the search terms in the search area on the top righthand corner.
Create Ideas
To create an Idea, go to Ideas and click Create an Idea. From there, you can click the green Add Photo button and save the photo. Type the question in the “Add Title” form. Next, select a relevant category for the writing idea. In the “Attribution” form, you can give credit to the author of your Creative Commons visual. The “Additional Details” field allows you to add any directions or clarifying ideas for students who need more than simply a statement or question. Under that form, you’ll see the grade level selection and where you can also add tags/keywords to help your Idea more more easily be discovered. or record audio or share to a group. Finally, select the visibility (public or private) and publish the Idea by clicking Create. View teacher tips for creating great visual writing ideas.

Editing Ideas
Ideas can always be updated with changes to the image, title, description, tags, or voice recording. From the Ideas tab, select My Ideas to access all previously created Ideas. When you open an Idea page, you’ll see the “Edit” button available below the content. After making any changes, simply click “Update Idea”. These changes will not affect any Posts that were previously created from this Idea.
Share Ideas to Groups
You can share Ideas to groups either in the Idea creation page or afterward when looking at an individual Idea. Click the green Share to Group button and select the check marks for any groups where you would like to send the Idea. The Idea will then be displayed from the Ideas tab in the Group.


Galleries are custom curated pages filled with visual writing Ideas.

Share Ideas to Galleries
You can share Ideas to Galleries by clicking on an Idea and clicking on the green Add to Gallery page. From there, you will get a dropdown menu of all of your galleries. If you want to add the Idea to a Gallery that doesn’t already exist, choose Create a New Gallery and name your gallery. Afterward, click the green Add button. From there, you can visit the Gallery and see the Idea pinned to it.
Remove Ideas from Galleries
Click on the the Galleries tab in the top navigation menu and select the My Galleries tab. Find the Gallery and click on the name or thumbnail. To remove an Idea, click the red (x) and click the green Yes on the popup menu.
Create a Gallery
If you’d like to organize Ideas into collections, you might want to create a Gallery. Simply click on the Galleries tab in the top navigation menu and click on My Galleries. There, you will see a green Create Gallery button. Type in the name of your Gallery and choose the visibility (public or private). Next, write a short description of the Gallery and click the green Create button. From there, you can add any Ideas to your Gallery by clicking on the Idea and selecting the Gallery.
Editing or Deleting Galleries
To edit the Galleries, click on the Gallery tab in the top navigation menu and choose My Galleries. You will see a list of your current Galleries with the hyperlinked words Edit Details. From there, you can change the name, description or privacy settings. To delete a Gallery, click the red Delete link. Click the green Yes when the pop up message appears.
Finding / Searching / Sorting Galleries
Sometimes it’s cool to discover Galleries. To do this, click on the Gallery tab in the top navigation menu. You can sort through Galleries by clicking on the field next to the words Order By (the options are alphabetical, most members and newly created). You can also filter between student and teacher Galleries by clicking on the field next to Created By. Finally, there is a general search field that allows you to do a search of all Galleries in Write About. It’s pretty awesome, really.
Follow / Unfollow a Gallery
To follow a Gallery, go to the Galleries tab and search for an interesting Gallery. When you find a Gallery to follow, click on the blue plus (+) button. This Gallery will then show up in the Galleries I Follow tab. To unfollow a Gallery, click the red plus (+) button and click the green Yes button at the message prompt that pops up.
How to use Galleries/suggested & sample uses
Galleries can be a great curation tool for teachers and students. The following are some suggested uses for galleries:

  • Create Galleries based upon types of text (persuasive, informational, narrative, etc.)
  • Create Galleries based upon topics of interest
  • Create Galleries with multiple topics in the general area of “things I want to write about”
  • Create Galleries based upon features (Galleries that contain help text, Galleries that contain Ideas with audio)