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Managing Students

Managing Students
Selecting ‘Students’ from the main navigation menu and then ‘Manage Students’ provides the teacher with a table to view and update the settings of their students. Changes are saved automatically once you click on another area of the page.

First and last names can be updated, abbreviated, or changed. Student users under 13 should not have their full last name provided. If you teach younger students, consider using an initial if a last name identifier is preferred.

Once a student account is created, the username cannot be changed.

Publishing Rights
Teachers have full control over the visibility of their students’ work and parent permission must be attained for students to publish publicly online. While we believe that publishing publicly can be a powerful motivator and an authentic part of the writing process, we also have provided teachers with the tools to make those decisions in the best interest of their students.

Share to Public Group
When enabled, students can use the Share to Group feature for sending their public posts, other students posts, or Ideas to any group they have joined. If disabled, only closed and private groups will be given as an option.

Publish Publicly
When Publish Publicly is enabled, your students will have access to all 4 Privacy options options for their writing, including Public. Their posts can then be shared to any Write About group and they can receive comments from other registered students or teachers. When disabled, the Public option will go away.

Privacy Layers

  • Draft (save an unfinished post)
  • Private (only my teacher can see)
  • Classmates (only my classmates & my teacher can see)


  • Public (anyone can see this post)

Quickly view a visual feed and take action on Posts and Comments that require moderation from the ‘Moderate’ section.

Post Moderation
For students that you have activated moderation for, pending Posts are saved in the student’s Drafts. You will receive a notification when moderation is required after a student has published a Post beyond the ‘Private’ level. Click ‘Take Action’ in the notification to be taken to your Moderation feed. From the feed you can view, approve or decline the Post. If you click ‘Approve’, the post will be available at the current privacy level selected. When declining a Post, you have the opportunity to leave feedback for students about why their content was declined, which will be displayed in the Teacher Feedback area of the Post. Declined posts are returned to a ‘Draft’ state.

Comment Moderation
When selected, comments from the student will not be displayed on a Post until they are approved by the teacher. Teachers will receive a notification and they can approve or delete the comment. To quickly preview the comments that are awaiting approval and take action, use the ‘Moderate’ feed. Declined comments will be permanently deleted.

Deleting Students
Student accounts can be deleted from the ‘Manage Students’ area after selecting the ‘Students’ tab. Use the red ‘x’ button on a student row to delete the account. You will be asked to confirm this action, which cannot be undone. All student work will be deleted when an account is deleted.

Teachers who are part of a School or District account are able to use the Student Transfer tool so that their work will follow the student from year to year or class to class.

Content Filtering

Teachers can control what Ideas and Posts are displayed for students throughout the site as well as limit what Groups students can view and join. These content areas are filtered by Grade Level bands: 1st-4th; 5th-8th; 9th-12th.

Assign viewable content by clicking the associated check boxes for the grade levels that should be displayed. This can be done individually by student or in bulk by using the ‘Select All’ feature at the bottom of each Grade Level band column.