Bridging Text and Context
Bridging Text and Context

It’s time for you to start thinking and writing!

Write an Essay on the following topic: (Excercise H, Page:8)

The song “Whose Garden Was This?” was written in 1970 for the first Earth Day. Look again at the article Earth Day on page 8. How does the information help you understand the song better?

Your essay should include the following parts:
1) An introduction: including a description of both the article and the poem and introducing them.
2) Two body paragraphs: each paragraph should discuss a certain point in which the article and the poem are connected.
3) A conclusion paragraph: Sum up the ideas of your essay in a short paragraph.

Once you finish writing your essay, choose an essay of one of your classmates, read it and leave him/her a comment about your opinion of it.

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