Pandemic Superheroes
Pandemic Superheroes

Read this article by Bored Panda about real life superheroes during this Pandemic.  The article is a little “tongue in cheek,” but none the less true. After reading, choose a Norse god and decide what human form they would manifest as or help during this crisis and how .  Write a story or a news report describing their adventure. 500 words is a good guide for a very short story. Consider the following: 

  • Point of View-First person as the god / 3rd person as another character observing the situation. 
    • Who is the outside character?  What role do they play
    • Who else does the god interact with?

  • Pre-writing!!!!!  Do this first.  Sketch out what you want to happen, ideas for their adventures, what they will do / not do / help or screw up…  Will there be a quest?

  • Plot – What will happen first?  Which part will you focus on? Flash Fiction stories usually have a well developed exposition, but the ACTION takes place in a very short time frame – ONE MOMENT. 
    • Develop your back story
    • Then, Plan out your climax and write your story around it.

  • Type of story?  Humor? Satire? Will you mock the events as they are happening?  Mock the nature of gods saving anyone? Adventure? Suspense? Have fun with it!

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