First, let’s talk about food and drinks. I don’t like fish very much, but I like meat. I really like fast food such as pizza, hamburgers and french fries but my favorite snacks are pizza and hamburgers.

Pizza is delicious with coke, but I prefer lemonade and orange juice than coke.

I also like white coffee. I hate alcoholic drinks! When it comes to fruit. I really adore grapes, but pears are not my cup of tea. I like apples and I love oranges!  I’m not a fan of vegetables, but my parents and teachers say they’re very important. I think they’re right.

I really hate broccoli, but carrots are ok. I detest cucumber salad, but I like mixed salad  I’m crazy for mushrooms, but I really don’t like onions.

Answer these questions:

  1. Which foods does she like?
  2. Which drinks does she like?
  3. Does she like broccoli?
  4. Which one does she prefer? Lemonade or coke?
  5. What is her favorite snacks?
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