Seven tips for a good online tutorial
Seven tips for a good online tutorial

If there is no doubt about the need to keep the attention of children, an experienced teacher will find options.

1. Build a lesson like a film or a play, planning it according to the laws of classical drama. At the beginning, conduct some familiar ritual for setting up students or a conversation about the mood of each, a bright setting, development, culmination (peak impression on the topic of the lesson), denouement (explanation), finale (farewell).
2. Surprise will help out. At the beginning of the class, it is good to surprise. You don’t have to do anything in person, a video insert can be useful.
3. Contrast will work. It is elementary to change the volume of the voice (whisper), the rate of speech (slow down or jokingly speed up) so that the children are interested.
4. Create an atmosphere. For example, for a lesson in middle school or high school, take as a basis a trendy TV show among teenagers. You can borrow music, videos, trends from it and combine it with an instructional video. At the end of the lesson, you should add what will happen next – in the next series.
5. Involve in a game that lasts the entire lesson. For elementary and high school, it can be some kind of fantastic story, where the answer to one task brings you closer to the overall fabulous result (rescuing a character from trouble, averting a threat from our planet, etc.). good examples of themed games can be found on writemypaperbro. For high school, a detective story is suitable.
6. Provoke a mistake or make mistakes yourself. If the students know that the teacher will ask the wrong question, or that they need to find three mistakes in his words, they listen much more attentively.
7. Give something useful here and now. For example, children love to cook something in the kitchens during online lessons (in the presence of their parents). Even mathematical calculations are perceived differently if you need to count the number of real ingredients and you can see what happens.

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