The Newsies and Industrialization
The Newsies and Industrialization

Industrialization was a time period in the United States when new inventions were created (e.g. steel, typewriter, skyscrapers, etc.), many Americans started working in factories or for big companies, and many Americans moved to big cities for work and a better life. During this time period, however, many Americans didn’t have very many rights when working for their companies or they were forced to live in poverty because they didn’t make very much money and even young children worked! As a result, some protested against these conditions in the workplace.

  1. Where did you see evidence of the Industrialization era in the movie Newsies? (Give at least three examples in complete sentences)
  2. Is this a time period you would have wanted to be alive? Why or why not? (Write at least two sentences)
  3. Lastly, did you enjoy the movie? (Write at least two sentences)
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