Borders by  Thomas King
Borders by Thomas King

Click on the link that follows from the LA Times story that interviewed southern California residents about what citizenship meant to them.  Listen to Brook Brewer’s video and at least ONE other person’s  before responding to the prompt yourself. 

Prompt: Consider our reading of “Borders”, the characters, their motives and values.  Consider what the mother was willing to sacrifice in order to maintain her identity as a citizen of the Blackfoot nation as well as the responses by U.S. Citizens in the videos.  Then answer this question in complete paragraphs:  What does citizenship mean to you? Consider your identity, background, ethnicity, why it’s important, why it matters.  Consider also, if you were a citizen of another country, one which had many hardships, what would having dual citizenship mean if you were from another country?

Method: Do some pre-writing in your writing section before you begin.  Jot down ideas that you want to address.  Think about what order you want to respond to them in.  Then, go back and ORDER YOUR IDEAS.  What do you want to talk about first, second, third…

Format: Essays should have an introduction and be several paragraphs in length.  Consider qualities of a good introduction (Hook,Thesis)   Always introduce your ideas, usually through topic sentences, and assume you are writing for a public audienceYour writing should be professional, organized and relatable.  See Mrs. Epperson’s example in your class’s posts section. Edit your writing for grammar mistakes and sentence structure before submitting.




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